iTunes 10.5 with iCloud available for download now

Today we get our first glimpse of iCloud in action via iTunes 10.5, released one day ahead of the Wednesday launch of both iOS 5 and iCloud itself. This update to iTunes gives you features such as iTunes in the Cloud and wireless syncing of your iDevices via Wi-fi, and it's available for download for both Mac and Windows PC computers today. The whole shebang drops this week, day by day, and we'll all be living in the cloud by the end of the month!

To download the newest version of iTunes, you've only to head over to the Apple support page for iTunes and snatch it up. Download, update, and win. There you'll find a few updates, but they're all life-changing if your live revolves around Apple's media empire. First, you can re-download music you've previously purchased on any machine you've signed in on. The same is true of TV, movies, and books – in fact, I just downloaded a Ratatat song on my iPad 2 that I purchased several months ago – it was just THERE, how convenient!

Multiple downloads available on iTunes for iPad already

In addition to this re-download push, there's the new ability to have your devices automatically download the media when you first buy it. Next, again, there's wireless syncing of your devices as long as their on the same Wi-fi network. Finally, there's a COMING SOON symbol on iTunes match.

If you'll remember back to the last time we spoke about Match, it's a $24.99 a year service which allows you to access songs that you've added to your iTunes library via CD, (supposing you've actually got a real physical CD, that is,) and do it via the iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality, EVEN IF your original copy of the music was at lower quality. Of course this wont work with every single song ever, but Apple DOES have a rather vast music library, so you've got a pretty good chance, no worries.

Go download iTunes 10.5 now, what are you waiting for!?