iTunes 10.4 And iWork 6 Updates Released For OS X Lion Full-Screen Support

Apple has just released an update for iTunes bringing it up to version 10.4 along with an update for iWorks to version 6. This comes shortly after the major release today of Apple's Mac OS X Lion, which ushers in over 250 new features, including support for full-screen apps. That particular feature is what the iTunes update addresses.

The iTunes 10.4 update will support full-screen mode that lets the app occupy your entire screen to eliminate any other distractions. This is similar to how apps on your iPad take up the full screen. With Lion's new gesture-powered interface, a three-fingered swipe to the right will easily take you back to your desktop. iTunes for Lion has also been rebuilt as a 64-bit Cocoa application and may no longer be compatible with some plug-ins.

The iWork update to version 6 also adds full-screen support along with a few other Lion features. For instance, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote will now support Resume, Auto Save, and Versions functionality. Resume brings you right back to where you left off when you last quit the application, while Auto Save does just that, it auto saves everything for you in the background. Versions works like Apple's Time Machine feature but for your individual documents so that you can open previously saved versions and even cut and paste between versions.

Both updates should be available via Software Update, unless you have yet to upgrade to OS X Lion. For that, you can download from the Mac App Store for $29.99, and one purchase covers up to 5 Mac computers.

[via Apple Insider]