It's time! Pebble Time ships May 27

You might say all the timely puns that you want, but nothing will stop Pebble Time from shipping out in time. Or at least that's the idea. Pebble has just announced the detail that everyone, especially its backers, have been waiting for. The brand new, color-toting Pebble Time smartwatch will officially start shipping 27th May. But don't get too excited and expect yours to land in just a few days. That's just the first wave and it might take a while to get them all out to more than 70,000 backers.

Just as the first Pebble was a record breaker in crowdfunding history, so was the latest Pebble Time, netting $20 whopping million when it was only looking for $500,000. It's actually not that hard to imagine why. Pebble Time is one of the few places where you'll see e-ink paper display come in color. And in this day and age of smartwatches, it is the only one, or at least one of the extremely few, that works both iOS and Android.

But while May 27 is indeed the start of shipment, there are some fine details to be noted. It will only be by the end of the month that Pebble will be sending out invitations to backers to finalize their rewards and shipment information. Pebble estimates that it will only be by mid-June that all backers with a Pebble Time reward will get their tracking numbers. As always, logistics is a pain but Pebble promises to keep the shipments rolling as they come.

In the meantime, prospective users can distract themselves with the software that will be negotiating between smartwatch and smartphone. The new Pebble Time Watch app will work only with the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. That is why owners of the original Pebbles will still have to use the older Pebble app, which will continue to exist in app stores. Android users fear not, there will be one for you just in time as well.

A bonus of the new app and the new smartwatch is the lifting of the 8 app limit. Now you can install as many apps and watchfaces as your tiny Pebble Time can hold in its local storage. Try to add more and it will simply download them from the smartphone. Organizing those apps and watchfaces has also been improved, so that getting to your favorite functions won't be a waste of time.

SOURCE: Pebble