It's now a lot easier to get into the Valorant beta

Valorant could very well be the biggest game of the moment, thanks in part to how exclusive its closed beta has been so far. Valorant is the latest game from League of Legends developer Riot Games, and though it isn't scheduled to launch until sometime this summer, Riot is currently holding a closed beta for the game. Getting into the closed beta, however, has thus far been a matter of luck.

That's because access is being handed out randomly as a Twitch Drop. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Twitch Drops allow developers and publishers to randomly reward people who are watching streams of their games. For instance, in the past, Grinding Gear Games doled out cosmetic items to people who were watching Path of Exile on Twitch.

Handing out closed beta access is certainly a unique way to utilize Twitch Drops, but while most drops can be obtained regardless of the stream you watch, Valorant's Twitch Drops were a little more restrictive. For the first week of the closed beta, only certain streams had Twitch Drops active, meaning you had to watch those streams if you wanted a chance at a beta invite.

That all changed this week, with Riot announcing on its blog that all Valorant streams now qualify for Twitch Drops. So, if you have a favorite Valorant streamer that you weren't watching because they didn't have drops enabled, you can now hang out in their channel without fear of missing out on a beta invite.

Riot makes it clear that it isn't increasing the number of beta invites here, so the chance of a beta invite dropping are still the same – it's just that now you aren't limited to certain streamers if you want to obtain one. Riot notes that beta drops are happening 24/7 as well, so it doesn't matter what time of day you watch. We'll let you know when Riot shares more news about the Valorant beta, but for now, good luck trying to get a key if you're one of the many still waiting on a Twitch Drop.