It's Always a Fembot: Why I Can't Take Robot Tech Seriously

The promise of improved robot technology is exciting. There are so many options there. But when I see things like the Actroid DER-2 I can't help but feel a bit queasy. First of all, she's creepy. Second, it looks as if she may run off of her platform and starting killing people. Well, not really, but she's a bit frightening, don't you think? And third, she's a fembot. Of course. It's always a "she," isn't it? You never see any male prototypes, do you?

That leads me to believe that only one goal can be reached from this sort of technology. It can be headed in only one direction. That direction is robotic sex toys. There, I said it. But what else could the end goal be, here? Why would it be the constant focus to create female bots with attractive features, slim bodies that are dressed up in frilly clothes?

You would think there'd be some other focus for these high-tech, super sensitive robots, but it surely doesn't seem like there is. And even though the bots look much more like animatronics at the moment, they are capable of assessing various situations they're in. Take for instance Aiko. She can sense pressure and respond to it. Which is cool and all, albeit a bit freaky. But you want to know the freakiest part? The guy that goes for her boob in the video below. Seriously.

Will robot tech ever veer away from the sick robot sex fantasy? Will practical uses be had? We'll have to wait and see until after the first robotic sex slaves are introduced, then maybe something useful can come out of it.