It'll be another year before Blu-ray hits the iMac

If you thought you might hold off buying a iMac until this fall so you can get Leopard and Blu-ray you're going to be disappointed. No, Leopard hasn't been delayed again, but Blu-ray won't be coming until 2008.

Intel won't be releasing their Eaglelake chipset until Q2 2008, that is when we can expect to see Blu-ray drives shipping in the new iMacs. Don't worry, it's only one more year.

So that raises the question, how many people are going to put off their iMac purchases for another year just to get Blu-ray? I think there will be some, but I don't think the general masses will be too upset. The format war is still in full swing, which makes many consumers cautious to support either one. Who knows, maybe by this time next year we'll have an idea of which one will come out victorious.

No Blu-ray for iMac's until 2008? [via macnn]