iTamtam stool sports iPod dock

I have seen some very strange iPod docks over the years. There was the vacuum with the iPod dock built-in, and the washing machine with the iPod dock. Those I could actually see a use for in some instances, but the docking stool from iTamtam is just plain weird.

The thing looks like some retro space age stool from the 70's and sports an iPod dock on the back edge of the stool. The design looks like it will virtually ensure that at one point or another, you will kill your iPod or iPhone by sitting your rump on it.

The dock weighs a bit less than 11.5 pounds and has 70W of power. Under the but resting portion of the stool are four 1.5-inch tweeters and a 5.25-inch sub. I guess you can let your favorite music massage your bum with the thing. It also has a 3.5mm input and will come in several colors. It should ship "soon" for $570.