Italian Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 users can get Android 2.3.3 update now

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the earliest competitors of the iPad that came from Samsung. The screen is smaller than what the iPad uses, but it's a nice tablet for many users looking forward to getting Android on board rather than iOS. The Galaxy Tab comes in version with WiFi or 3G connectivity inside. The big issue for some today with the tablet is that the Android version it runs is now dated, even though it was up to date at launch.

Samsung is fixing that for owners in Italy with a new update available for the tablet. The update brings the OS onboard to Android 2.3.3 and can be downloaded right now. The Gingerbread update landed yesterday in Italy and can be downloaded via KIES. The update is firmware version P1000XXJPZ. The new version of the OS will bring new features to the tablet that users will enjoy and appreciate.

It's not clear at this point if the update is available in other countries yet. If you aren't in Italy, and you have applied the update, let us know. Furthermore, let us know if you are in Italy how the update went, and if you notice any cool new changes.

[via Android Community]