It seems Super Nintendo World is open and the videos are pouring in

It seems that despite the nation's state of emergency declaration and Universal's previously stated plan to delay opening its new Super Nintendo World theme park, a number of people have already gotten access to the destination. As a result, a large number of videos showing off the theme park have been published, and they make it look even more fun than anticipated.

On January 14, Universal Studios Japan announced that due to a state of emergency declared in Osaka, it would delay the opening of Super Nintendo World. The theme park was originally set to open on February 4, and based on newly published videos, it seems that may have happened despite the previous delay announcement.

The videos come from Universal Parks News Today, an unofficial publication that covers Universal Studios theme parks. A series takes viewers on a virtual tour of Super Nintendo World, including along on rides, touring cafes and other destinations, talking with characters, and more.

This is, perhaps, the largest collection of Super Nintendo World video tours currently available, though other videos from visitors are appearing online quickly. It's unclear whether the theme park is officially opened to the public as originally planned, but the videos indicate as much — many visitors are visible, all of them wearing masks.

It'll probably be a while before you get the chance to visit the new Universal theme park yourself — the pandemic is still underway, many places still have travel restrictions, and it's unsafe regardless to travel internationally during a pandemic.