iStubz from CableJive eliminates all that useless slack

I don't know about you, but my iPod sits close to my computer for syncing and charging. Rarely do I need the slack of the included cable, which often provides something for my clumsy self to trip over whenever I sit down at my desk. Behold, iStubz is the answer.

Basically just a super short iPod/iPhone cable, it uses the standard USB-Apple 30-Pin connection to charge and sync your device. The draw here is the super short nature of the cable. The iStubz measures either 7cm or 22cm, depending on your preference. And for color-matching enthusiasts, they come in black and white.

The application isn't just keeping your desk clean. It makes it more difficult to to un-surreptitiously remove the iPod as you accidentally catch it on your foot, bringing your pricey laptop down with it. There will be people that ask "why would you need this?" especially since Apple gives you a cable, and if you're like me, you have about 20 of them sitting in a drawer somewhere. But you know what? There's a market for everything, and I'm sure someone is going to be super happy that they can get a short iPod charging cable.

[iStubz from CableJive]