iStrike Shuttle iOS drone drops ping pong balls

There's certainly no shortage of tiny remote control helicopters on the market today. I've owned quite a few of these flying toys, and they are a lot of fun to play with. A different style of flying toy is now on Kickstarter seeking funding from a company you may be familiar with called Dream Cheeky.

Dream Cheeky is a company possibly best known for various USB devices such as missile launchers that can help you win the cubicle wars. The flying toy is called the iStrike Shuttle and rather than having its own controller it is controlled using an app on your iPhone or iPad. It's too bad it doesn't come with its own controller as well; I'm not a fan of iOS control for remote-controlled toys.

The controller app is designed with multiple operation modes for right or left-handed users. Different operations can be performed with the drone by sliding fingers over the controls or using the G-sensor motion sensing capability to control the drone's flight. One of the more interesting features of this flying drone is that it has a small ping-pong ball inside a little bomb bay.

The user can hover over a target, press a button on the control app and the ball is dropped. The flying toy ships with an orange training wheel that attaches to the legs of the drone for flight training. The toy ships with a USB cable for charging its internal battery, but it can also be charged directly from your Apple gadget. The project is seeking $30,000 and has raised $9511 so far with 25 days ago. A pledge of $85 or more will get you one of the iStrike Shuttle drones when they are available.