ISS crew video shows how to make and eat pizza in space

The International Space Station crew recently made some pizzas in microgravity, filming the fun for everyone on Earth to enjoy. It's a pizza night unlike any other, involving assembling pizzas while the ingredients try to float away. If that sounds like fun, just watch the video they shared: the completed pizzas are tossed past a camera, where they slowly float in the microgravity environment, their ingredients held on by sauce.

A video of the pizza night was shared on Twitter recently by astronaut Randy Bresnik, who said the Expedition 53 crew channeled their "inner chef by building tasty pizzas for movie night." The crew is shown assembling the pizzas, which looks simultaneously incredibly fun and frustrating, followed by showing off their creations by carefully letting them float in full view of the camera.

The pizzas are then pulled out of something that may or may not have been a warming device; they're covered with foil, presumably for cooking/heating up, then unwrapped. The video showcases some moderate compromises pizza eaters have to make in space — you can't ignore the rest of the pizza while you eat one slice, for example, because it may float away from your dinner plate if you do.

Another notable aspect shown in the video is how you cut a pizza in such an environment: rather than using a slicing wheel, it appears they use a pair of scissors to cut the pies while they float. Want to share a slice of your pizza with a friend? Throw it to them, literally. Deliver a pizza to someone using a gentle nudge, after which point it casually floats to them as if by magic.