ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield to host Reddit AMA February 17 at 4 pm ET

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently on board the International Space Station, will be answering all your hankering questions on Reddit come Sunday, February 17 starting at 4 pm ET. Hadfield will be hosting an AMA ("Ask Me Anything"), in which popular figures and interesting subjects answer all sorts of questions from Redditors.

Hadfield announced that he would be hosting his own AMA via Twitter earlier today. Hadfield, who launched into space back in December in a Russian Soyuz capsule along with two others is currently commanding the ISS. He also served as Mission Specialist on two Space Shuttle flights in 1995 and 2001.

If you're not quite familiar with Hadfield, he was the one who got to speak with Star Trek actor William Shatner a few days ago about being in space and the risk one poses when jetting off outside the atmosphere. The two also discussed the future of the space program, as well as the progression it's been taking the past several decades.

If you can't make it for Hadfield's Reddit AMA, don't worry. The ISS will actually be hosting a Google+ Hangout on February 22, where astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn, and Chris Hadfield will answer viewer questions live. As with the Reddit AMA, users will be able to submit questions to the astronauts in the Google+ Hangout.