ISS astronauts snap millionth photo

Astronauts on the ISS undeniably have the best perch around to see the earth as it orbits. Naturally, these astronauts take a lot of pictures since they are presented with such great views. In fact, astronauts take so many photographs that recently the crew took its one millionth photo.

The photo naturally is a view of the earth from one of ISS' portal Windows and shows some of the components of the space station. The space station was about 240 miles over the surface of the earth when the photo you see above was taken. This particular photo was the millionth image shot and shows the space station above the southeastern Tasman Sea.

The green band in the image looks like clouds, but it is actually Aurora light. The image was shot just west of the southern tip of South Island, New Zealand on March 7 it wasn't released by NASA until March 27. Astronauts Don Pettit and Dan Burbank don't recall which of them took the photo.