iSkin offers a new line of laptop carriers for the fashionable girly geek

My wife can't be away from Farmville more than half an hour at most without going into fits to harvest her crops. She actually didn't want to go buy a new car because it would mean we would be gone when harvest time came around. She has a small netbook that she carries to friends houses so they can harvest together.

The last time she went somewhere I handed her one of my normal laptop bags to carry the netbook in and she handed it back and said it wasn't cute enough. iSkin has unveiled a new line of laptop bags specifically for women like my wife who would rather do without a notebook bag than carry one that isn't cute.

The line includes five designs and three bag styles. The designs include Digital Camo, Happy Friends, Royal, Ami, and Karl the Ninja. The largest of the bags is the16" x 12" x 7" silo Tote with a laptop area and other pockets for stuff. The silo Slim is for the notebook only, and the silo messenger offers notebook space and room for other gear. All do the bags will support notebooks and netbooks up to 15-inches. Prices range from $140 to $150 and all the bags are available now.