iSkin launches ProTouch antimicrobial keyboard cover for MacBook Air 11-inch notebook

Germs suck. I think we can all agree with that, they make you sick and when you are sick you can't work or play. If you type on your MacBook Air all the time and have been sick or worry that you will get sick and spread the germs to other folks that use the machine you need one of these new keyboard covers.

The covers are made by iSkin and are called the ProTouch keyboard protector with Microban. The goal is to keep your keyboard clean and the Microban coating will kill any germs to prevent you and others from being infected from the keyboard. Keyboards are nasty places apparently, and that's when they aren't coated with cheese from your bag of Doritos.

The cool thing about the keyboard protector is that you can easily take it off to clean. iSkin has announced that it now offers the iSkin keyboard cover to fit the 2010 MacBook Air 11-inch notebook. To start the cover will only be offered in the clear frosted design. I would assume that means other colors will come later. The cover will cost you $24.99 and is available right now.