iSkin cases for iPad 2 coming soon

This Friday marks the official launch of the iPad 2 in stores all around the country and online. If you plan to get one of the new tablets, you will want to get some accessories at the same time most likely. iSkin makes some really cool product for the original iPad and has some of the better cases on the market today.

The company has announced that it was working on new cases just for the iPad 2 as well. I would be surprised if some of the cases didn't launch at the end of the week along with the tablet. You can find out more about the iPad 2 gear from the company on the Facebook page or sign up to be notified via email when new iPad 2 cases are unveiled.

I would bet we will see the same types of cases that iSkin has for the iPad right now for the iPad 2. I particularly like the iSkin aura with its multiple positions and adjustability. The iSkin cases also come in thinner and slim fitting styles we are sure to see for the iPad 2 as well.