ISIS NFC Mobile Payment System Trial In Salt Lake City Early 2012

Earlier today Sprint announced plans to launch its own Near Field Communication (NFC) system later this year, ahead of the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon NFC coalition called Isis. And now, Isis is making an announcement as well, detailing its testing timetable.

Isis plans to roll out their trial system in early to mid 2012. And the lucky city to get a first taste is Salt Lake City. The trial will involve testing the system in both paying for goods at retail stores as well as paying for the city's bus and train fares.

It's still not certain which phones will be involved in the trial. The only phone with built-in NFC at the moment is the Nexus S, although upcoming BlackBerry and Android phones will likely be NFC equipped. The iPhone 5 rumored to launch early next year may also support NFC.

[via Electronista]