Is This The HTC Dream?

No one knows if this image is real, a phony or simply a mock up, but we may very well be getting our first non-blurry look at the HTC Dream. And one thing to note–this one's in black.

As you may remember, last week we talked several times about this Android-based handset. We got a look at the device via video, rumors abounded about the G1 moniker and a potential September release date on T-Mobile. But this is the first time we've had a clear overhead view of the HTC Dream.

The rumored pricing list for the highly anticipated phone follows.

New Activation 2 Year Contract $199.99

New Activation 1 Year Contract $249.99

Full Upgrade 2 Year Contract $217.99

Full Upgrade 1 Year Contract $267.99

Partial Upgrade $367.99

Pre-Order Full Upgrade 2 Year Contract $167.99

Pre-Order Full Upgrade 1 Year Contract $217.99

Pre-Order Partial Upgrade $317.99

Retail Price $399

(upgrade pricing includes the $18 upgrade fee)

[Thanks, TmoWorld Team! via TmoWorld]