Is there really a good reason for Samsung and Apple fans to hate each other?

A war is brewing in the mobile space.No, that war isn't Apple against Samsung or Google versus Microsoft. Those battles have been raging for months, and chances are, they won't end anytime soon. The latest – and perhaps most vicious battle – is now being waged between Apple fans and Samsung fans.

If you've been following the mobile space lately, you know that Apple fans have taken it upon themselves to target Samsung smartphone fans, discounting their choice in product, hammering the Android operating system, and criticizing them in nearly every way imaginable. In some forums across the Web, even Mama jokes aren't off the table.

The trouble started last week after Samsung released an ad showing the differences between its Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5. The company claimed that its product comes with all of the bells and whistles Apple's alternative doesn't, making it the better choice for consumers.

Apple fans, of course, responded with outrage, taking aim at every Samsung fan they could. They argued that Android is a loser, Samsung "copies" Apple's products, and the only reason any company has been able to make some cash in the mobile market is because of the iPhone maker's innovation in 2007. Without Apple, the fans say, there would be no Samsung or Android.

[aquote]It's clear that a real war is on[/aquote]

Of course, the Apple reaction to Samsung's fan charges is nothing new. For years, Apple's fans have been taking anyone to task that would even come close to criticizing their favorite company. What has been most surprising, however, has been the swift and vicious attacks Samsung has leveled against Apple, making clear that a real war is on.

But does that war make much sense? Sure, Apple's fans believe the iPhone 5 is the best smartphone on the market. And while there are countless Android-based devices, Samsung's faithful fully believe that the Galaxy S III is tops. Both sides are loyal. And they are flanked by millions.

Still, the fact remains that if you buy an iPhone 5, you're going to be pleased with the device. And if you pick up a Samsung Galaxy S III, you'll be just as happy with that product. If either side is getting anything right, it's that the products they support really are the best in the world.

So, why fight so hard for something that, at the end of the day, just doesn't matter? Apple fans can't change the minds of Samsung fans, and vice versa. For some people, Apple's products, no matter how nice, will never grace their homes. For others, the same holds true for Samsung devices. And believe it or not, it's fine if people disagree on the smartphone they most desire.

Call me insensitive to the plight of iPhone owners, but I think there are much bigger problems in the world than dealing with the oh-so-awful Samsung Galaxy S III owners.

So they like a different device than you. Who cares? It's not like they're espousing the values of owning a BlackBerry.