Is the Moto X+1 launching in September?

The Moto X+1 has many Android fans giddy, and with good reason. The original gave the platform a shot in the arm, and was a call to action for other OEMs to step up and deliver a better experience. The refresh for Motorola may come at the end of next month, if a new rumor has any credibility.

A source, speaking to Droid Life, says the next Motorola handset will arrive on Verizon by September 25th. The source didn't note whether or not Verizon had an early exclusive, like AT&T did with the Moto X last year, or even if they were getting the device at the same time as other carriers.

Motorola has been saying for quite some time that we'd see their newest flagship in "late Summer", and that timeframe fits just fine (technically early Fall, but whatever). Verizon also tends to release new hardware on Thursday, and September 25th is just that.

Like any rumor, take it at face value. There is no documentation backing this up, and the source seems to have offered up nothing else to bolster this claim. They've no information on other carriers, it seems, suggesting it came from a low-level Verizon employee who may not have the most up-to-date info.

Either way, we now have a date to earmark on the Calendar.

Source: Droid Life