Is a TimeSplitters 2 remake in the works? Don't hold your breath

Fans of the classic TimeSplitters franchise have no doubt heard the whispers of an incoming TimeSplitters 2 remake. A recent game from THQ Nordic, SpellForce 3: Fallen God, contains an Easter egg reference to such a game, leading some to believe that a TimeSplitters 2 remake is indeed in the works. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that is not the case and this is just a matter of an Easter egg being an Easter egg.

So says THQ Nordic, which dispelled rumors of a TimeSplitters 2 remake in a statement to Eurogamer. Apparently, there's a vendor in SpellForce 3 who, among other things, can be seen offering a copy of TimeSplitters 2 Remake – leading many to believe this was some sort of veiled hint that a remake is in development. According to a THQ Nordic spokesperson, that isn't actually the case.

"This is just an innocent Easter egg," the spokesperson said. "The vendor in the game is a character known especially for not telling the truth." So, that pretty much ends any talk of a TimeSplitters 2 remake, at least for now.

It's hard to blame fans for getting excited at the mention of a TimeSplitters 2 remake. Not only is the game a beloved classic FPS, but it's been a long time since we heard from the TimeSplitters series in general. If anyone is going to make a TimeSplitters 2 remake, it's likely THQ Nordic too, as its parent is also the company that holds the rights to the TimeSplitters franchise.

THQ Nordic parent company Embracer Group made that purchase back in 2018, so it stands to reason that something has to happen with the TimeSplitters franchise at some point in the future. For now, we can safely say that something is not a TimeSplitters 2 remake, but we'll let you know if that changes in the future.