iropod would be a cool all-in-one PC desk

If you are the type who jumped all over the all-in-one PC the first time they came down in price the perfect quasi computer desk for you has just tipped up and it's called the iropod. Unfortunately, it's apparently not available as a desk only. The weird device is an articulating arm on wheels that has a little tray for a keyboard.

The idea is that you can attach the monitor to the iropod and then wheel it around your house. The neck of the device is so long you can burn your retinas out by getting it very close to your face while sitting down, or even laying down. I can hear mom now yelling that you will go blind sitting that close to the screen.

Tucked away inside the odd desk-like thing is a battery to provide power without needing to be plugged in. The device has a PC built into the chassis, which odds are runs an Intel Atom or other low-power rig. I'd like it better if it was a desk for an all-in-one. There are no hard specs offered on the device.

[via Engadget]