Iron Man VR flies into PlayStation VR exclusivity

With Avengers: Endgame just a month away, you can expect all the related merchandise to start popping up left and right. That, of course, includes games that will try to tie in with the film or try to fulfill the desire to be in the superheroes' shoes or, in this case, armor. While many such games allow you to control these comic book characters, few lets you actually be them. And when it comes to donning a superhero guise, Iron Man and virtual reality is the perfect match.

After all, if you're going to wear a headset, might as well take on the identity of someone who sees things through visors. Cyclops aside, that distinction would belong to Iron Man (and War Machine, but that's a different story). Unlike other VR games that try hard to hide the fact that you have a screen on your face, an Iron Man VR experience instead turns a weakness into a strength.

Camouflaj director Ryan Payton reveals that the game studio has been working on Marvel's Iron Man VR for two years now. Instead of an origin story, the game would be something like a throwback that looks into Tony Stark's past as that past tries to bite him in his metal posterior. Payton is naturally coy about the details but promises iconic allies and villains to be dropping by along the way.

A virtual reality headset almost makes perfect sense for role-playing Tony Stark. Camouflaj promises that actions will feel natural, even if you're not actually flying or are unable to open your hands to blast enemies away. The studio has also developed a new Iron Man Impulse Armor suit just for the game though you probably won't see it too much considering you'll be inside it.

Sadly, you'll need to own a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR accessories to become Iron Man. No date has been given yet, so don't hold your breath too much. And if you're actually looking forward to also role-playing Robert Downey, Jr. you'd be disappointed to hear a different voice.