iRobot Genius Home Intelligence gives owners more control over cleaning

There are people worldwide who have eliminated their need to vacuum and clean floors thanks to the iRobot line of robotic vacuum and moppers. One of the leading companies in the robotic vacuum and mop category is iRobot, and the company has announced the launch of iRobot Genius Home Intelligence. He describes that platform as a new and powerful robot platform for unlocking an extensive range of digital features and experiences for its line of Wi-Fi connected products.The iRobot Genius Home Intelligence system works with the Roomba robot vacuum and Braava jet robot mop. The new system promises an unparalleled level of personalization and control over the cleaning robots allowing users to account for their specific home, schedule, and cleaning preference.

iRobot Genius is a newly redesigned app that works with all Wi-Fi-connected iRobot products and supports cleaning based on the user's habits and preferences. Using the new app, users can send the robot to clean the mess where it happened with precision using Clean Zones. When used in conjunction with the Roomba i7/i7+ and s9/s9+ robotic vacuums or Braava jet m6 robot mob, machine learning allows the robot to automatically detect and proactively suggest areas to clean around specific objects like couches, tables, and kitchen counters.

Users can also make their own precision Clean Zones allowing for targeted cleaning of specific areas. The owner can then do things like telling a voice assistant device, "Roomba, clean around the couch." Users can specify event-based automations to let the robot know when it's ideal to start or stop cleaning user-defined prompts. The applicant recommends cleaning schedules and favorites to allow users to preset cleaning routines.

Via the app users can also recommend keep-out zones and get seasonal recommendations on cleaning depending on the season. The new software update for the app will roll out starting today.