iRiver S7 1GB mp3 player

If DAPs should be classified by weight classes, then the iPod Shuffle has definitely got a new competitor of its class. The latest from iRiver is their S7 mp3 player that appears to be intentionally the same dimensions as the iPod Shuffle. However, the similarity in appearance ends there, as the S7 does not attempt to incorporate any iPodish click wheel like other competitors, instead they opted for a tin-of-mint-look with what appears to be different lids to choose from.

The iRiver S7 offers 1GB memory, FM tuner, and supports OGG, MP3, WMA, ASF, and HD sound with SRS WOW technology. There is no information yet on pricing and availability. Continue after the break for more pictures.

iRiver's S7 previewed, long live the choat! [Via: Engadget]