iRiver S10 gets up close and obscenely personal with the iPod Nano

I'm a generally well-behaved man with a decent pop-up blocker.  I don't click on naughty adverts and I keep my laptop spam and dialler-free.  But we're all animals underneath the civilised exterior, and I'm just as susceptible as the next gadget hound to filthy, sordid photos of the latest cute tech cavorting and frotting.  Forgive me, Lord!MPnavi are sinful temptresses, and it's thanks to them that we have this gallery of amorous PMPs showing off the slender iPod Nano and its chubby midget friend the iRiver S10.  Please wash your hands after you're finished viewing this post, and keep it in a locked cabinet out of the reach of children.

Some shots of the comparative screen brightness:

MPnavi [via dapreview]