iRiver P7 PMP gets unboxed

iRiver's P7 PMP has been spotted in the wild, complete with retail packaging.  The 4.3-inch touchscreen P7 comes with either 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of internal storage (plus a microSD card slot to add to that), and according to iRiver has a "magazine style" GUI with various panes of image, audio, video and radio information.Hands-on video demo of the iRiver P7 after the cut

There's also 50hrs battery life and an optional docking station with integrated speakers.  The PMP itself manages to look a little chunky in the images here, not helped by iRiver's resolute stubbornness to give it all but the slightest of curves.

Below you'll find video of our CES 2009 hands-on demo with the iRiver P7.  It's a slick device, and we're looking forward to finding out exactly how iRiver price it.


[via Portable Alliance]