iRiver Lplayer PMP reviewed: good, but where's the speaker-stand?

When we first saw iRiver's Lplayer PMP back in May, we described it as "quite a standard PMP" except for one feature: its nifty transparent speaker-stand that gave the whole thing the look of some tiny cathode ray tube.  PC Mag have just reviewed the player but, strangely, there's no mention of the speaker accessory; could it be that it's a Korea-only add-on?

It'd be a shame, because it could be the icing on a generally interesting cake (if by cake you mean PMP, obviously).  PC Mag's Tim Gideon praises the sound quality – after swapping out the supplied headphones for some Ultimate Ears of his own – and found the GUI generally straightforward.  iRiver seem to have bizarrely underestimated their own battery performance, though: Tim got 16 hours 27 minutes where the Lplayer is rated at just 12 hours.

The price is also a winner: around $110 for 4GB or $160 for 8GB.  If you're not persuaded by Apple's nano (and there are plenty who are not) then it sounds like the Lplayer is worth a look.