iRiver gets official with new Smart HD

Shane McGlaun - Jan 19, 2010
iRiver gets official with new Smart HD

The slick looking new iRiver Smart HD or K1 as it’s also known has been leaked a bit already. IRiver has decided to get official with the new device and has officially announced the new device. In case you are wondering the Smart HD is a PMP.

The player will come in either 8GB or 16GB flavors, many had hoped for a 32GB variety. If the storage capacities available don’t float your boat, the good news is that the device has a SDHC card slot for more storage. An FM tuner is built-in along with a voice recorder, flash 3 support, and Outlook sync among other things.

There will be four versions of the Smart HD dubbed the Basic Edition, DMB Edition, Edu Edition, and the DMB-WiFi editions. The basic and DMB editions will only come in 8GB and the obvious difference is the addition of DMB. The Edu edition will have 16GB of storage and have a built-in dictionary. The DMB-WiFi version will have 16GB and feature WiFi and DMB. All of the devices claim 18-hour runtime for audio or 6 for video. The device is set to launch this month.

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