iRiver e-Book Tablet with handwriting capabilities

iRiver is making a comeback in a major way, they had some pretty amazing products at their booth at CES this year, but for some strange reason I don't recall seeing this one there. Apparently I wasn't the only one who must have missed this little gadget, but apparently its up on their site.

If this thing works like the pictures show, both allowing handwriting/drawing and picture importing, this could very well be the end of paper. The only other feature they could possibly have that isn't shown is the ability to convert handwritten text into editable type.

Sure, this is all technology that tablets can do, but if they can get this thing down to two or three hundred dollars, and up the battery life from what tablets are at, and they could reach a far larger market than that of thousand dollar plus tablet PCs. This tablet supports iage and handwritten text and even looks like a notepad, I can't wait, hopefully its not just a design image of a concept that will never be made.

iRiver Preparing a Handwriting e-Book Tablet [via pmptoday]