iriver A100 yawn-worthy Bluetooth headset revealed

Could the PMP industry no longer be enough to hold iriver's attention?  The company's first Bluetooth headset, the iriver A100, has been revealed, though we can't help but be disappointed at the lack of any of their usual design flare.

In fact, the iriver A100 looks to be a bog-standard OEM headset that the company have self-branded.  It supports Bluetooth v2.0 and has a range of 10 meters, while battery life from the Li-Ion pack is unknown.  For your money you do get a fingerprint magnet fascia, and we're betting that Bluetooth logo flashes blue.

No word on pricing, but apparently iriver will be selling the A100 in China, hoping to mop up some of the 300 million cellphone users there.  That given, we're expecting it to be cheap.  Word of advice, iriver: don't bother bringing the A100 to Europe or the US, wait until you've a headset with some of the cleverness from your PMP range first.

[via DAPreview]