IRIScan Mouse points and scans documents

If you have ever had to purchase a new mouse, you probably noticed that there are hordes of different models available on the market today. There is a mouse for every hand and every need. Honestly, most of those mice are pretty much the same the side of brand name and color.

A company called IRIS has unveiled a new mouse that is significantly different from most mice on the market called the IRIScan. The mouse works like a normal pointing device allowing you to control your cursor on the screen of your computer. It also has a built-in scanner on the bottom allowing you to scan documents and images as you move around the page.

The mouse works in conjunction with optical character recognition software and if you use it to scan a document that content is turned into an editable document in Microsoft, Excel, or another program. The mouse has a scanning resolution of 400 dpi. The scanner is activated when the user clicks on the scan button and swaps the mouse in any direction on the paper document.

As the mouse is swiped around the page, the document text and images appear instantaneously on the computer screen. The software running on the computer stitches the image back together so you don't have to swipe in a uniform manner. The scanned documents can be saved, e-mailed, or uploaded to the web. The mouse connects to a computer using USB and is available now for $79.

[via Irislink]