IRIS lets you make eye contact online

Shane McGlaun - Apr 28, 2010
IRIS lets you make eye contact online

It’s very rare to find a webcam today that is on eye level with the person using it. That means when you make video calls or have video chat session you end up looking up to the person or down on them depending on where the webcam is located.

A new system called IRIS has been unveiled that is a monitor with a camera reflection system that lets users make eye contact. The system makes the image of the person look right at you rather than looking up or down at them. The IRIS system works with any web conference of video chat program.

It will specifically work with Skype, Webex and others. The system is ideal for use in remote sales, healthcare, and education environment. The system is compatible with Windows and Apple computers. The IRIS system for Windows and prices for systems range from €1565,00 to €2325,00.

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