Iridium brings satellite connection to your iPhone

Iridium Communications provides satellite connection service for those that need to stay connected no matter where in the universe they may traverse. And now, the company is offering its first iOS app called the Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web App to bring satellite connectivity to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The app itself is free, however, you still need to purchase one of Iridium's satellite phones to act as the hotspot access point to share the satellite data connection with your iOS devices. And as you may have heard at some point in time, satellite phones and service aren't cheap. The phone itself will cost about $1,000 to $1,500 while the bandwidth is charged at $1 per minute of usage.

But if you're the seafaring kind where data connections are shoddy if existent at all and you must stay connected, you can at least do so now and still be connected on your iOS device. Iridium also recently launched its AxcessPoint WiFi hotspot apps for the BlackBerry, Mac and Windows laptops.

[via Engadget]