iRex Digital Reader 1000, 1000S & WiFi/Bluetooth 1000SW Announced

iRex's promised eBook announcement is here, and they haven't let being scooped by Forbes spoil their fun.  The Digital Reader 1000-series is, with a 10.2-inch display, the largest e-ink based digital document viewer on the market, and as was leaked there will be three versions culminating in the 1000SW with WiFi and Bluetooth (though no mention of the 3G connectivity Forbes suggested).

The range starts with the Digital Reader 1000, which has a lithium-ion battery rated to "last for days", while the 1000S adds a Wacom digitizer and stylus so you can notate your documents.  The 1000SW is the wireless model, again with the digitizer.  Each weighs under 570g and is 1.2cm thick; storage is via SD card, with 1GB supplied, and there's a mini-USB port to connect to your computer.

iRex claim the Digital Reader 1000 is an open system, "able to read all common formats", including Word, PDF and PowerPoint.  The 1000 is priced at $649 and the 1000S at $749; both are available now.  The 1000SW will ship later, priced at $849.