Iran cyberattacked US banks according to government officials

Late last year, multiple US banks were attacked online by what was believed to be a hacker group. Now government officials are saying it was actually the work of Iran, possibly in response to cyberattacks it has suffered from the US. This was determined when an investigation revealed that the method used to attack the banks was too sophisticated to be the work a fringe group.

Recently, several banks across the nation have been hit with attacks that harmed them to various degrees for ten or so minutes before they recovered. This is due to extremely high amounts of that are being directed to the banks in the DDoS attacks, affecting the likes of Wells Fargo, HSBC, Bank of America, and Citigroup, among others.

According to a former state official, the United States government is 100-percent certain that Iran is the cause of the attacks. Likewise, security firm Radware's Vice President Carl Herberger is quoted as saying, "The scale, the scope and the effectiveness of these attacks have been unprecedented. There have never been this many financial institutions under this much duress."

Fortunately, none of the bank accounts have been violated, and no money has been taken. The attacks are being directed from data centers, which are said to have taken control of some small-time cloud services and used them as the powerhouse behind initiating the attacks. Two issues are making it difficult to resolve the problem, however: 1, the DDoS attacks are encrypted, and 2, how the data centers are being hijacked is unknown.

[via New York Times]