iPotty tries to get your toddler to use the toilet

People out there who don't have kids can't understand what a big deal it is for parents to potty train their kids. Not only does it really suck to have to clean up wet and poopy diapers multiple times a day, but was disposable diapers are incredibly expensive as well. I'd wager many toddlers out there have seen mom and dad sitting on the throne using an iPad before.

It would make sense that giving your toddler a tablet to use while they go potty might help encourage them to do the deed somewhere other than their diaper. If you don't have kids, trust me when I say parents will do just about anything to potty train. This is where an ingenious product comes in that was being displayed at CES called the iPotty.

The iPotty is a little plastic toilet for toddlers that has an integrated holder for an iPad. The idea is that your little one can sit down on the potty, play their favorite little kid apps, and take care of business. The setup looks like a decent training toilet and it even has the obligatory little boy pee shield on the front.

I would warn parents of little boys that once they decide to stand up, I wouldn't want to have my tablet anywhere near that potty. The iPotty is impressively cheap at $39.99 and it will go on sale in March via Amazon.com. I expect this to be very popular with tech savvy toddlers and parents alike.

[via Huffington Post]