iPooey App Simulates iOS 4 Interface On Your Windows Phone 7 Device To Prank Friends

Rue Liu - May 2, 2011
iPooey App Simulates iOS 4 Interface On Your Windows Phone 7 Device To Prank Friends

If you own a Windows Phone 7 device and are annoyed by all your iPhone-flaunting friends, then here’s an app for you to play a ‘dirty’ little prank on them. Highlighted by XDA-Developers, the app called iPooey simulates an iOS 4 interface on your WP7 device. You can then show it off to your friends and claim it to be some sort of secret iPhone prototype. They will look on with envy until they touch the interface at which point they get a little surprise.

The iPooey simulates the iOS 4 interface to the tee, and will surely be convincing to the unsuspecting. Your friends will marvel at how you got a hold of such a mysterious iPhone prototype, but upon touching any icon on the screen they will see a cartoon poo appear—hence the name of the app—along with the lovely sound of flatulence.

What better way to put your WP7 device to good use and stomp on some iOS egos? The app is developed by an XDA community member by the name enahs_ . The developer is offering it up for free to fellow XDA members, but says it is otherwise available at the Marketplace for $0.99.

The developer’s forum message for the app reads:

Trick your friends! Tell them you get a new prototype iPhone hardware, or you installed iOS on your WindowsPhone. Looks like iOS interface, but when they click it, a cartoon poo appears where they clicked and it plays a nasty fart sound! Use it to annoy those other snobby stuck-up iPhone users!

It goes for $0.99 on the Marketplace, but I am making it available for free to fellow XDA members; if you can sideload apps via a xap file. If you like it and use it a lot, feel free to support me by purchasing it on the Marketplace if you want. But, enjoy the free version for now because XDA is awesome!

[via XDA Developers]

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