iPod Touch Update

James Allan Brady - Jan 16, 2008

The iPod Touch had some new updates made available today, they include all 5 of the original iPhone apps that were left out in the first place. The upside, they are free with all new iPod Touch’s, the downside, they cost $20 for all current iPod Touch owners.

(Image credit: zdnet)

The maps app even includes the new aGPS and pin dropping feature. And, there is an update that will net you the WebClips feature and the ability to move things around just like on the new iPhone firmware. There is also a new update that makes the iPod Touch compatible with the new movie rental service and support for lyrics, which display semi-transparently on top of the album art while a song is playing.

Apple iPod touch

In case you didn’t know, the full list of apps that the $20 gets you is Mail, Stocks, Weather, Maps, and Notes. I don’t foresee many people paying to upgrade to this as most people that wanted those upgrades have already used JailBreak and then got the apps on their iPod Touch on their own, so why pay for what you can have for free?

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