iPod Touch Stand Made From Money

This is a YouTube video of some guy (Enrique Pardo) showing you how to use money to make your very own iPod Touch stand. Supposedly it works with the iPhone too, even more supposedly, you don't have to use a $100 bill to make it, but lets keep it classy and stick to the original design plans.

It's pretty ingenious if you ask me. I am all about saving money by making my own stuff, but last I checked, the iPod Touch already comes with a stand, a considerably smaller one too.

However if you are in a gift exchange with a $500 minimum limit you could by an iPod Touch 16GB and fold together one of these stands out of a $100 bill and throw it in there just for fun. But since you are probably not, its still a cool trick to add to your repertoire of Origami tricks.

$100 Bill iPhone+iPod Touch Stand [via swissmiss]