iPod touch gets 4G with KT Egg

KT, a Korean cellular provider, announced today their latest network device called the Egg, which works to move the company out of the phone and notebook adapter market and into an entirely new territory.

The Egg uses a WiBro connection over Wi-Fi networks to create "hotspots." WiBro is very similar to WiMAX. The Egg can make for download speeds as fast as 37Mbps and is intended for use with the iPod touch. Yes, this means you would be able to get 4G on your iPod touch.

Other wireless devices can make use of it as well, but it is expected the Egg will be sold at Apple stores. You can get it in Korea now for the equivalent of $164, however if you enroll in KT's 50GB data plan, you can get the Egg for free.

[via iPodNN]