iPod stress test - Classic vs. Semi

I think that some people get off seeing others senselessly destroy gadgets and call the act a "stress test." People have been getting upset at the guys over at Ars because they chose not to attempt to destroy their new iPod nano and classic since they were so similar to the previous models. Fate, as it would seem, sided with the readers.

A hit-and-run accident that thankfully left no one harmed resulted in a bag containing a shiny new iPod classic getting run over by a semi. If a gadget can withstand that test, it's got to be tough. Needless to say, your iPod nano can take a beating. It was found to be in working order, though the screen isn't nearly what it once was, though it is still readable.

Unfortunately, a MacBook was also inadvertently put to the test. It did not fare nearly as well. Take heed friends, don't let your MacBook get run over by a semi, then again that probably applies to most things.

Oops: iPod classic v. semi-truck [via arstechnica]