iPod Shuffle Price Dropped, New 2GB Model Coming Soon

Apple announced today that they are dropping the price on their Shuffle, the one gigabyte model, to $49. They also announced that they are rolling out a new 2GB model later this month for $69.

As a reminder, the shuffle is the small, interface-less MP3 players that Apple produces. They are so small they clip onto your clothing and very, very easily can be concealed within your palm.

I don't know if I'd be able to use an MP3 player that didn't have an interface, let alone one that had such low storage space. It would be nice if I was in a situation where I needed music but the size and/or weight of my Touch was too much, but I don't see that happening, however, if you want to get a friend an MP3 player, or a kid who is likely to break it, at $50 its about as disposable as a decent MP3 player gets.

[via Apple]