iPod shuffle headset concept by Isamu Sanada

Remember Apple's iPod Bluetooth headset patent application, which polarized opinion back at the end of October?  That seems to have at least partially inspired SlashGear's Apple concept merchant of choice, Isamu Sanada, who has come up with a clever iPod shuffle design that can be attached to both regular earbuds and a flexible headset.

The shuffle itself looks to have gained a single button running down the front of the PMP, presumably which either triggers voice-controlled playback or answering a call while in Bluetooth hands-free mode.  There are also some controls on the headset, likely for volume, while the shuffle clicks into place using the 3.5mm jack.

Without a render of someone actually wearing the headset, it's unclear exactly whether it's intended to go over the head or around the back of it; we're leaning toward the latter, as otherwise the shuffle would just jab you in the neck.  Of course, this is all just a mock-up, but don't be surprised if third-party accessory manufacturers "borrow" the idea for alternative headphones for the existing iPod shuffle.