iPod, iPhone, and iPad turned into walking robots

Today is officially the day of freakin' awesome DIY stuff. I really like this one considering it wraps three things I really like – gadgets, robots, and awesome – into one package. PachimonDotCom has taken the iPad, iPod nano, and the iPhone 4 and turned them into walking robots.

The eyes of the robot are on the screens of the devices as you can see. The little legs are homemade and remind me of DIY versions of the feet you see on all sorts of wind up walking toys.

When the bots wake up the eyes start moving and then they stand up and start walking the whole thing is pretty darn cool and cute. This would make a cool toy for Apple gadgets, it seems like you should be able to create an app that would let you program a pattern the gadgets could walk. Check out the videos below.