iPod Dock with Projection Clock and Radio from Hammacher Schlemmer

James Allan Brady - Feb 15, 2008

This iPod dock has speakers and controls for playing music from your iPod, but it also has an integrated alarm clock, and a projector for projecting the time onto a wall or ceiling of your choice. There is also a thermometer and AM/FM radio built in.

It has 2.5” speakers inside and you can set it up to wake you up to music from your iPod if you wish. It’s small enough to fit on a nightstand with dimensions of 5.5x11x4.5 inches.

It comes with a multi-function remote and has a thermometer as well a display for humidity all on a blue backlit LCD display. Best of all, it appears to work with the iPod Touch, which is great since there aren’t many devices that do, if you want one, it will cost you $149.95.

[via geekalerts]

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