iPhoto for iOS hits 1 million users in 10 days

Chris Burns - Mar 21, 2012
iPhoto for iOS hits 1 million users in 10 days

Apple’s new iPhoto app for iOS, first announced at the iPad event earlier this month, has reached over 1 million users in less than 10 days of being on the market. This is almost certainly one of the fastest selling apps in Apple’s mobile app portfolio’s history and certainly says a lot about the quality of the app itself. We’ve got a full review of iPhoto for iOS if you’d like to take a look, and do indeed suggest you try it out for yourself if you’ve not done so already.

As The Loop notes, this 1 million person mark includes just users, not downloads, so you can forget about calling on the idea that it’s just people downloading the app for each of their devices. This application includes functionality for both the iPhone and iPad interfaces, and allows you to not only organize your photos, but edit them as well. Have a peek at the app in action here:

iPhoto Hands-on with Photo Editing:

[vms bf22e1daae486fae3417]

iPhoto Hands-on with Organization and Sharing:

[vms d920c0dd5ad0a2a2d5e4]

Then head to the [iTunes App Store] to pick up your own copy of iPhoto and complete your iLive collection on iPad and/or iPhone – or iPod Touch for that matter. This app also works with iCloud and is able to sync with your many services on Apple’s own servers. See the timeline below to see more iOS apps that you’ll be desiring soon!

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