iPhones users complain of severe battery drain due to Music app

Ewdison Then - Jul 8, 2020, 9:44pm CDT
iPhones users complain of severe battery drain due to Music app

Despite their loyalty, iPhone users have been complaining for years about the battery size and battery life of their favorite mobile device. iPhones have indeed become larger and iOS has become more battery-conscious, imposing strict restrictions on apps that can drain the battery in the background. Unfortunately, that may not apply to Apple’s own apps as several users are now complaining about how its own Music app seems to be running amok in the background, causing the battery to drain fast and the phone to get hot.

Wayward apps that run in the background continuously aren’t exactly rare, especially on Android. First-party apps that violate a platform’s guidelines, however, are. So when Apple’s Music app suddenly starts misbehaving after the iOS 13.5.1 update, there is definitely some mystery that needs to be resolved.

Considering the Music app is one of Apple’s most important mobile apps, taking the place of its iconic iTunes brand, it’s quite perplexing that it would suddenly behave this way. Some users have reported that the app has been running constantly in the background for more than 18 hours, causing a spike in temperature and a quick death for battery life.

Unfortunately, no remedy has been found yet and no probable theory has been offered. Quick fixes like killing the app or preventing it from running in the background have no effect and the problem reappears after a while. The only semi-permanent workaround has been to uninstall the Music app, something that is a no-go for Apple Music subscribers.

Apple has yet to respond to the growing number of complaints, leaving users, especially subscribers, at a loss on what to do. The company is often quick to fix severe bugs and security holes but hopefully, this won’t require waiting for a new iOS 13.5 update to bring back some normalcy to iPhone users’ lives.

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