iPhones now require a passcode to be entered once every six days

One of my favorite features to come to the iPhone was the fingerprint reader. I've had laptops in the past with the feature, but I never really found myself using it very often. However, with a smartphone, it's so nice to just press and hold my finger for a second or two, rather than tapping in a passcode. A recent change to iOS means that you'll have to start using your passcode a little more often than before, though.

When you restart your iPhone, the device makes you enter your passcode, rather than simply using your fingerprint. While some people might find this to be slightly annoying, it's just a security measure that Apple has put into place. And let's be honest, it doesn't take all that much effort to do the one time. There are a few other instances where the phone will make you enter your passcode, as well. But sometime recently, Apple added another one.

The latest change to the rules means that if your phone hasn't been unlocked using the passcode within the last six days, it will require you to do so. It's unclear exactly when Apple added this new feature, but it seems to have slipped in with one of the more recent updates.

This is actually a very smart move on Apple's part. Not long ago we wrote about the fact that a judge can compel a person to use their fingerprint to unlock a phone, as it is simply physical evidence. However, they cannot compel you to reveal or enter your passcode, as that is a violation of your Fifth Amendment rights. One thing is for sure, Apple is still trying hard to ensure that all data on your device is kept secure from everyone, including the US government.

VIA: AppleInsider